Our goal at Poultry Health Services is to provide innovative solutions for the commercial poultry industry by using scientific and evidence-based medicine to improve bird health, welfare, quality and profitability.

We put emphasis on being proactive, aligned and efficient; capturing synergies to minimize risk and take our client operations to new levels of performance, competitiveness and sustainability.

We believe in leadership by example, working together, offering participatory knowledge of the areas and activities we each oversee. Your feedback, your attention to detail, your passion for excellence is important to our success. We fail and succeed together.

Summer Students

Our team at PHS are always eager to mentor students. Over the years, we have hosted many Vet Med students both through our summer student program as well as the DVLC group of WCVM, several becoming poultry veterinarians. We also gladly host students on rotation from the University of Georgia Master of Avian Health and Medicine (MAHM) program. PHS is a long-time supporter of the MAHM program, and have made completion of the program a requirement of veterinarians at Poultry Health.