A year of change

A year of change Source: Canadian Poultry Mag Antibiotic resistance is real. In Canada and around the world, fewer antimicrobials remain effective in controlling infection as more microbes [...]

Comparing Anticoccidial Classes

Comparing Anticoccidial Classes Source: Canadian Poultry Mag Virtually all poultry become exposed to the coccidial parasite, which often causes the important disease coccidiosis, noted by mortality and enteritis. [...]

Tibial Dyschondroplasia (TD)

Tibial Dyschondroplasia (TD) Noticing an increasing trend of problems with mobility and lameness in your flock?  Could this flock have rickets or tibial dyschondroplasia or is something else affecting their ability [...]

Hemorrhagic Enteritis Virus (HEV)

Hemorrhagic Enteritis Virus (HEV) As a turkey producer you have probably heard about Hemorrhagic Enteritis Virus (HE or HEV) and you may even vaccinate your flock against this disease.  It is [...]

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Airdrie Life: Business Profile

Airdrie Life Business Profile: Science Worth Clucking About Carving into that Christmas turkey or sitting down to enjoy some chicken you picked up at the local supermarket, it’s easy to take [...]

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