Viral Arthritis (VA)

Viral Arthritis (VA) Mobility problems and lameness in a flock can have many causes as well as contributing factors including management, nutrition, bacterial infections, and viral infections. Do you have leg issues in [...]

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Getting poultry health right

Getting poultry health right Source: Canadian Poultry Mag The best time to develop a relationship with all the professionals you need for the operation is when you start planning a [...]

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Enhanced biosecurity on broiler barns

Enhanced biosecurity on broiler barns Source: Canadian Poultry Mag In a chicken industry that is minimizing the use of antibiotics, our ability to provide an optimal clean environment is paramount. [...]

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Live vaccines at multi-age poultry farms

Live vaccines at multi-age poultry farms Source: Canadian Poultry Mag Live vaccines contain naturally occurring mild pathotype or attenuated (weakened) viruses, bacteria or coccidia and are designed to elicit local [...]

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A year of change

A year of change Source: Canadian Poultry Mag Antibiotic resistance is real. In Canada and around the world, fewer antimicrobials remain effective in controlling infection as more microbes become resistant [...]

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The veterinary-client-patient relationship

The veterinary-client-patient relationship Source: Canadian Poultry Mag Some perceive the term Veterinary-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR) as formal and rarely used or understood. It does not have to be that way. Simply [...]

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Comparing Anticoccidial Classes

Comparing Anticoccidial Classes Source: Canadian Poultry Mag Virtually all poultry become exposed to the coccidial parasite, which often causes the important disease coccidiosis, noted by mortality and enteritis. Often, the [...]

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